Museumsshop 2 kleiner
Foto: Bernhard Strauß

A large selection of exhibition catalogs as well as postcards, posters and posters is offered by the museum store in the Augustinermuseum. Seating niches near the windows invite visitors to browse.
Also available are museum-related souvenirs, such as cloth bags, pens, notepads, CDs, coasters, mugs, key rings, porcelain coffee-to-go mugs, and wine bottles with Hans Baldung Grien's "Amor" motif.

It is also possible to purchase or renew annual passes for the Freiburg Municipal Museums or the Museums-PASS-Musées.

Museumsshop im Augustinermuseum
Salzstraße 34
79098 Freiburg
Tel.: +49 761 201-2550

Opening hours
Di–So, 10–17 Uhr
Fr, 10–19 Uhr


Please note: We charge 6.50 euros for shipping the catalogs.